Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lasting Thoughts

One of my favorite pix of me and my man.

Thought today I would share some quotes from the book I've been reading. (Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants). I haven't finished it yet, but am enjoying the journey so far. These are some of my favorite thoughts from the book

"...never wait to celebrate life only on special occasions...We need to bring a feeling of celebration into our lives everday."

"Stress is actually a blessing that can help you realize when you need to make changes in your life."

"The truth of life, and the hardest thing for most of us to face, is that there are no easy answers. Life is hard work, an endless process, something we have to confront every single day. And the only way to get more out of life is for us to work hard, stay committed, and never give up."

That's it for today! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! How's the weather in the Midwest?!?!