Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Day of Relaxing

June 3, 2007
This is the first weekend I've been able to relax in weeks. I've been traveling back home and having visitors, and now I can finally have some "me" time.

I went shopping yesterday at the Plano mall, can't believe Steve and I have been here since January and I've never ventured there yet. It was awesome! There are lots of funky design and boutique stationary stores there. I made sloppy joes for the first time (thanks for your help Angela!), they turned out just great and steve and I watched the Cavs game. IT was a GREAT game! Loved it!

The weather today is horrible! Storms storms and more storms. Guess I'll be staying in, maybe some scrapbooking.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE AN-MO-BELLA! She is 8 years old today! Im so sad that I'm not there to visit her...but I bought her lots of goodies that will be sent out in the mail tomorrow! Here is a picture of Anabelle at 7, one year ago. She's so dang cute! Every year I photograph her birthday portraits, but who will do it now that I'm not at home???hmmmmmm??? Miss you lots!


Morgie said...

Just wanted to say...the blog looks great. Very cool! I called and left a message for annabelle's birthday. Miss you and Love you!

Kim K said...

Glad to "hear" from you. At Ben's graduation yesterday I asked your parents what you were up to & I heard that you were here a few weeks back for Maddie's dance thing. How great. I heard Annabelle (& family) went to the Brewers game for a birthday treat - glad they won for her! Curious when we'll see some of your designs in the scrapbook stores!? Take Care - Kim

Sammy said...

Hey hun just wanted to say hi and tell you I am looking over your site. I will try to get there soon to see you guys and your place. I cant believe its been since Jan. Also those pics of the wee one are amazing..