Sunday, June 3, 2007

A rainy visit

So last weekend, Jasmin and Amayah flew in for a visit. We had a great time! I haven't see Amayah since January, she is getting so big! Almost 2! While they were here I photographed Amayah for her 2 year portraits. Here they are! She is at that age where she doesn't like to smile for the camera so we had to take a different approach for portraits! Some of them are super precious. Unfortuneatly, it rained from the moment Jazz arrived until the afternoon she left! I couldnt believe it. So, there were no pool or park adventures really, we just hung out, watched movies, caught up with each other, played with Amayah, afterall, she is miss personality. We did a lot of shopping, Jasmin fell in love with San Moon (accessory store!) I'm glad they came to visit, thanks guys!


wendylee said...

Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for the link to your blog!

Can't beleive that she is so big, and 2 years already!! Gosh, Annalise is 4, will be starting school this fall! Yikes!


Stephanie said...

Wendy, I miss you girlie! I've been keeping up with you on two peas though. Analise is soooo big! IT's hard to believe! So cute, too.

Sammy said...

Hey sweetie, We miss you back here so much is hopefully going to change with stritchs programs for the better. Also you should post your pics of your place because the email you sent I couldnt look at them for some reason and when I asked jenn she threw them out already. The pics are great.


Beth said...

sooo adorable!! You're so tanented!