Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy in Chicago...CHA!

Hello All!
No pictures today because I didn't bring my cord for my camera to hook up to the computer...sorry! I promise there will be some photos soon. Just wanted to say that I'm so glad friends and family are checking out the blog on a regular basis! Donna C, Morgan!!!!! And Nicky seems to always be keeping up with it too!

So last night I saw Lee and AnnaMarie!! YayyY!!! We were doing an event at the Hotel for the Crafter's Home people, and I saw those 2! We chatted for a while, it just brings tears to my eyes to see old friends. AnnaMarie looks great too! So exciting that she has a little one on the way. On my way out of the convention center I also so my Sue! It was a really short hello cuz we were both super busy....but hey, seeing her made me happy!

Well, our booths (KI booth and Love,Elsie) booth are more than half way touches and decorating today! Then the show kicks off! I'm super tired but really excited to see everyone stop by the booth. You guys better come and say hi to me! I hope everyone is going to like the new product!

I'll see you soon,
Until then....

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Morgan said...

I'm so excited that you are so close to me....only a state away....way better than like 5. I cant wait to see you. Have fun and try to get some sleep. Sorry I bothered you last night....I figured you were in chicago already and I was excited! Love you and SEE you soon!