Saturday, August 25, 2007

sweet surprise

I came home from work on Thursday night and there was a cute little package on the counter. (Steve had gotten the mail and left if out for me). What a treat!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE getting real mail. Doesn't matter if it is a card or a package as long as it isn't a bill or junk mail it's awesome. Seems like getting mail is so old fashioned. Thats stinks, because it is so much more human, and personal.

Well, after I unwrapped the packaging, it came in a very odd box. A box that read this:

Yes, you are reading it says, "Will you be my Lover!" ha ha.
Because I had already seen the return address I wasn't worried about a wierdo sending me a who knows what! But it definitely made me laugh!!

So I opened it up to find several goodies wrapped up inside:

All wrapped in such cute tissue paper - that I didn't want to rip up cuz it was great design inspiration! But I had to, of course.

Look at all the goodies!

The package was filled with some of my favorite things:
1. A book. (No reading is not my favorite thing, but I love inspiratoinal and fun books that are short that I can get through!). The book is TEN SIMPLE TRUTHS THAT LEAD TO AN AMAZING LIFE. LIFE IF SHORT - WEAR YOUR PARTY PANTS" by Loretta LaRoche. Its a short book intended to help people overcome stress and live a happy life. I've already began reading and highlighting (as I always do with books like this) so that after I'm finished I can always look back and easily find good quotes.
2. A target gift card. One of my fav stores. I mean, who can't use a Target gift card up in like 15 minutes in that place!?
3. My favorite candies of all time, resees peanut butter cups.
4. A sweet journal. As you all know, I collect journals. This one came with a little note inside from my Pina! And a photo! Love it!
5. My favorite feel-good movie of all time, UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. I love it! I want to be Diane Lane in this movie and buy a beautiful house in Italy. That would be the most amazing thing ever.....would my family move with me??? :)
6. Super cute lip balm. Smells great!
7. Some Funky Vinatge stickers by Making Memories. Perfectly cooincindental that I bought the other pieces to this collection recently. Now I have even more to match!

Well, isn't that awesome!? It was such a special treat.
Thank you to the Francis Clan for the box of goodies. Feel free to send as many as you wish as often as you want! :)
MIss you guys.

Well thats all for today.
Have a great weekend. What is everyone doing?

One last thought I'd like to share from my new book, "Never wait to celebrate life on special occasions. We need to bring a feeling of celebration into our lives every day..."

PS- What family with 5 young children has a box laying around the house that says, "will you be my lover?" ? Ha ha. Should I be concerned?


Funky Finds said...

awesome goodies!

Anonymous said...


i gald u like it!


Anonymous said...

hey steph. i miss you. is they anything new?? i love you!