Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Good Day

Another win for my Green Bay Packers today. Gosh, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that I love more than watching my ever-so-handome Brett Favre break more records and run around cheering like a little kid. It's such a great feeling! Hey mom and dad if you're out there listening...I need some Packers gear really badly! We have been watching the games every week at BW3's and I don't ever have anything to wear....A Packer Tshirt...A Favre Jersey! Hint Hint! Congrats on another win Lambeau!

After a migraine and a long nap, I woke up feeling creative. Not really in the mood to scrap but definitely in the mood to make SOMETHING. So, in an effort to jazz up my work space at the office, I made these:

All with KI Product. and Love, Elsie products!. Some of which I designed. The school line was a small, special line we made for JoAnns. I illustrated some of the icons and haven't had an opportunity to play with any of it yet!

So tomorrow I will be able to jazz up my office a little more. I bought some other things for it this weekend hopes to make a more inspirational, creative space. Maybe I'll take some pics of my new office soon, and show you!


Morgan said...

Fabulous! I Love these, what a wonderful way to spice up your office space. Weird...because I had a migraine yesturday too.

Anonymous said...

mom and i were looking at your blog and we went to your latest obsessions: glass rings
so we looked at them. were so cool. i wanted to buy one! i love your scrap booking pages! they are so cool
i miss you soo much
p.s. what r u going to be for halloween? have any ideas for me?