Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Morgie!

Hope your birthday is the best one yet! Take lots of pics so that you can share with me! I dont know if you went out last night to celebrate or tonight, but hope you have a blast! Here's an embaressing photo just for fun! Love ya!

Today I've been scrapbooking with all the KI Pop Culture stuff! I love it! THis is my first chance to sit down and use it! It's so cool to play with stuff that I have seen from brainstorming and conception to production and sales! It's pretty cool! All the pages are from my graduation party last January! Enjoy!


Morgan said...

thanks for the birthday wishes! I did take a ton of photos. I will post them within the next couple days! love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy few days after Thanksgiving!!

I loved seeing the before and after pictures of your turkey!! TOO CUTE!

Love your pages that you have been scrapping too! You are still just so awesome sweetie!

Love you! XOXO~ Wendy