Saturday, December 1, 2007

How bout Dem Cowboys? (booooooo)

Yuck! What a game, huh? I"m not going to lie though when I say we had the BEST MOST AWESOME TIME EVER!!!!!!
Beforehand we met up with the 50-person crew from Milwaukee and had pizza and drank beer.
Then we drove up to the stadium which was redicuolously packed with cowboy fans wearing blue cheeseheads just to spite us! We were taunted and teased all night long. All I heard was people screaming, "Romo is a ladies man, Favre needs a bed pan"
While you have to admit that's pretty clever, I just couldn't handle people talking about MY FAVRE that way! I just love him!

It wasn't the best of games for my favorite QB, and we didn't get to see him for long.....BUT WE HAD AWESOME SEATS!!!! Awesome! Front row and 4th row! I didn't even need to use my zoom lens when I took my photos! So Cool! Thanks to Heather and Josh I will NEVER EVER forget this weekend! Mom and Dad loved it! IT was an experience of a lifetime!!! IT was super cool to see another stadium, and even more awesome to see how many Packer fans invaded it! There were TONS (like 16,000) Packer fans!!!

Last night we met the crew at this "famous" bar in Dallas named Gillies. They had a mechanical bull! Dad rode it! It was hilarious! Probably one of the greatest moments of this weekend as well! Mom refused of course! (she probably wouldn't have been able to get up!) I thought of MOrgan the whole time cuz I just know she would have loved it!

Today we are off to the outlet malls....and then out for dinner and maybe another bar!!! What a weekend!


Nicky said...

I cant believe you guys got to go to a game like that! I'm so jealous!! it sounds like you guys had a great time. haha i cant imagine dad on the bull!! haha that would have been a site to see! Today was a blizzard its been snowing and hailing all day. its been really gross. well i hope mom and dad get home safely, i love all of you

Morgan said...

I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time @ the game. I wish I could have been there. OMG...I wish I could have gone to gillies with you. You know me too well...I would have loved to ride the bull. It would have been awesome to see your dad. I would have died to see your mom do that...too bad. Hopefully you had a better day than I did today. Safe flight to the parents. Love you all!

Anonymous said...


GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Love ya Stephanieiehhiehihiheeee :)