Saturday, January 5, 2008

A New Year

Seems like the ringing in of a New Year always makes me emotional.
In the past couple days I've looked through my scrapbooks from the year 2007. It's pretty amazing to have these albums. I see the events, family, friends, and milestones that I might have otherwise easily forgotten. Last year at this time I was packing up my basement bedroom and preparing for a move and a my first ever job in Texas. I read what I felt. I was so nervous, scared, worried and not confident. My life was drastically changing.
And now, wow! I've learned SOOO much this year in my design career. Gained so much knowledge, have made some awesome mentors and inspirational friends, I'm confident, strong and learning to manage several tasks at one time. I'm in a serious relationship that I'm praying will soon become even more! I have so much to be thankful for! So many blessings! Life is good.

When Steve and I discussed New Year's resolutions.....which I'm not really huge on...but it does seem like the right time for some things and changes....this is what we want:

Lose 15 pounds.
I've started counting calories. According to The Biggest Loser (which is like mine and Steve's fav inspirational and motivating show), I should be eating 1200 calories a day. Thats's hard! No wonder! So, I'm working out....and counting cals.

Try not to be so emotional. Seems like my emotions get the best of me someimtes, resulting in stress. Further resulting in lowering my immune system, getting sick, and being crabby.

Dedicate myself to saving more money and spending less. This will help aid in paying off the school loans!

Also wants to loose weight. We are working out together. (he's not counting calories though.)

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Do share with me? Maybe they'll inspire me to think more and consider even more for myself.

Have a great weekend!
Until next time....

Wants to be more active.

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