Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now I remember

why. I. Don't. like. going. to. the. dentist.

4 hours later I have an exposed nerve and an infected root in my molar.
I was doing really good until the anesthetics wore off and I could feel Dr. *** in my roots! Felt like he was inside my brain it was such a deep pain.
I remember hating all the sounds at the dentist. Clinks, clanks, motors, buzzing. How could I have forgotten?
Well, he finished 2 out of the 3 roots of my molar. Needless to say I have to go back in in 2 weeks so that he can finish.

Until then, at least for today, I am in MAJOR pain. My jaw and gums are trying to deal with the after effects of poking and prodding for 4 hours.

I have definitely learned my lesson. After 2 years away from regular dental check ups this is what happens! I ****will be going every 6 months from now on!


Anonymous said...

wish I would have known you needed to have one...the dentist that did mine was pain...need I say more.

Sarah B.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, sorry to hear this sweetie!!

BTW, you look totally cute in your PINK glasses!!!

Hope it is covered or something if you are having it exposed for 2 weeks!!! My goodness, why so long???

Hope you get through it okay!! Big (((((((HUGS)))))))!!!