Saturday, June 21, 2008

Leaving Today

I'm totally not ready to go home yet. This vacation has been great. It's so fun when the family is all together, the weather is warm and everyone is happy and relaxed. I have a lot of photos to share today.

Here are my favorites of Anabelle's 9 year old portraits. I take her photos every year. Except last year when I was in Texas I couldn't. Her birthday was June 3rd, but we wanted to wait to take her photos on the beach here. I love some of them. I think they turned out great and Angela is happy too.

In June is when they also take their family photo, so we did some of those too. It didn't last very long and I didn't get to take too many photos, we had to do it quickly. Carson says cheese, but doesn't always look at the camera. But this is the best one I think. Cute, huh?

This is one of good pictures of me and Steve on the beach. The bummer about always being the photographer is that no one knows how to use my camera, so it is hard to have someone else in the family take a decent picture. I need to teach someone I guess. (Or always bring Morgan along! :)

And I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures of the little guy. He was looking way too handsome and all grown up.

And one random one from the beach. All the guys were helping Carson make a huge hole in the sand.

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Anonymous said...

Great Photos Sweetie!

Love what you did of Annabelle and your sisters fam!! Lovely!

Call me when you return!