Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More photos to share. Last night we went to a great Italian Restaurant and Barefoot Landing. It was great! We all were able to sit together at one table. . .
Other highlights of the evening included ice cream, the girls making their own teddy bears, the girls and Carson got henna tattoos, and there were fireworks at 10:15. Romantic and fun for everyone. So far so good. Another 95 degree day today. We all were in the water most of the day trying to stay away from the sun and cool off our sunburns!
Me and Anabelle.

Uncle Gary, Aunt Kaye, Kayla and her girlfriend Kelly.

My love! (I totally want to take some photos on the beach of him and I. I Hope one night we can do that around sunset)

Nicky and Kurt

Mom and Dad

Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks great and looks like you all are enjoying the SUN!!! Love the photo of you and Steve! Very sweet! And what a great picture of your parents! :)

Hope you get the pictures of Steve and you on the beach!

You will have lots of scrapping to do when you get back!!!


Morgan said...

these are some great photos. Man, I wish I was there...you are looking very tan. We are going to look like ebony and ivory again. Ha ha. :) wow, kayla looks so grown-up, what grade is she in?