Saturday, June 14, 2008

Myrtle Beach Here we Come!

Leaving for vacation tonight! Can't wait to get there. Pray for good weather and a great tan.
I will try to post some photos mid week if the hotel has free wi-fi.
It will be nice to get away from the flooding for a while, however I heard rain showers in Sunday forecast. Bummer.
But still....I can't wait to go on my first vacation with Steve. Plus a whole lot of other family too!
It's going to be great!


Anonymous said...

your a dork
but i still love you!

Anonymous said...

hey stephanie
we love you

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a GREAT trip!!

Can't wait to see your pics when you get back!

Be Safe!! XOXO~W

Morgan said...

i wish i was there...hope you are having a fabulous time! love you