Monday, October 27, 2008

The Happy Birthday Song.

On Sunday we celebrated Carson's 2nd birthday with the Plastino Family. Because of his recent love for cupcakes, which is really all about the frosting, I told Carson a couple weeks ago that I was going to make him "big huge cupcake" for his party at Auntie Chaya's house. He hasn't stopped talking about it ever since! So, this weekend when he finally got to see it, he couldn't control himself! He was so excited!
We put it in front of him and made him wait for us to take pictures before he could dive in.

Here's his first bite!!

Frosting was everywhere...including up his nose!

And then he figured out how to pick it up!

What a riot! He loves the Happy Birthday song and was so happy when we sung it for him. He's just starting to string short sentences together in his own little language that only mommy fully understands. He loves to say "cheese" for pictures. He's obsessed with Spiderman and shows us how he shoots his web. Trucks, cupcakes, playing with Sammy boy and Stevie boy are some of his other favorite things!
I love this little boy!
I only pray someday mine will be just as adorable!


.jessica jo. said...

he is the cutest thing ever!!! love the big cupcake!!!!

Jeannie said...

Luv it! How did you do it??


shannabeesmommy said...

oh my gosh!!! I love that cupcake how did you make it! My daughter loves cupcakes and I would love love to make her one. Please post your recipe