Monday, December 1, 2008

Good morning Winter...

About 8 inches of snow fell last night. Our first official accumulation. We've had a couple small snowfalls in November but nothing sufficient. Winter is officially here. Isn't it beautiful?

How was your Thanksgiving? It was wonderful to be home again for the holiday this year. Last year I didn't fly home and came for Christmas instead. On Thanksgiving Thursday we celebrated with the Hunt's at my Aunt Dawn's who always makes the most delicious traditional meal. Here's a shot of me and the girls awaiting the great food....

I was also able to celebrate with Steve's family on Thursday night as well. I was much too full to eat a second meal, but we watched movies and spent time with his family.
And on Saturday afternoon into evening we celebrated with the Plastino family at my Aunt Chaya's home. The table was so beautiful, as always, I just love how it sets a mood. Isn't it enchanting?

Lastly, I just wanted to share my 2 favorite photos I took from Madelyn's 7-year-old portraits. Isn't she a doll! (she is super obsessed with her fashionably gold Hannah Montana jacket!)

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Wendy Lee said...

great photos of your little person Stephanie!! And your aunts table is just lovely!!! I see you were sporting your new hat!! VERY cute! Glad you had a lovely holiday!! XOXO