Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

It's a snowday! For nearly everyone in Southeastern Wisconsin! 10" and counting to be exact at our door step! What a great birthday present! Everyone is off of work and snowed in, and is here spending my birthday with me! It's very cool. The streets are horrendous, so we plan to stay in and watch Christmas movies today, wrap Christmas presents and more. Even if we wanted to go somewhere, we couldn't. The plow hasn't come to the end of our road and we couldn't even get our cars through it if we wanted to. Here's a photo before the snow-blowing. There is usually a walkway there up to our front door.

And here it is after the snow blower cleaned up. You can see how much snow we actually got.

And here is the a photo out the back side of the house. This is a view out the window of our deck.
Look how much snow is piled up on the tables!

Welcome winter!
We beat the snow storm last night and went out to dinner with the family for my birthday. Maggiano's Little Italy had some beautiful Christmas decor.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday as they brought out the lemon-frosted Italian cookies.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart!


Kim K. said...

Looks like you're having a great birthday celebration. Enjoy the movies tonight!

.jessica jo. said...

Holy cow! Thats alot of snow! We hardly got anything up here in Wausau. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!