Monday, December 29, 2008

What a wonderful Christmas.

Our Christmas Eve was beautiful. Just as tradition has it. The children's program is such an awesome service! Anabelle and Madelyn were great!

On Christmas Day, the Evergreen tree filled the room with the best scent ever! The sun was out, and the ground was full of mounds and mounds of endless snow!

Steve and I were able to spend the holidays together, enjoying each other's families.

I'm always sad when it's over and can't help but look forward to it all again next year.
The day after Christmas Mrs. Smokey treated the "girlfriends" to lunch and then we went to see this super **adorable** movie.

OMG, I cried my eyes out, and the lady next to me was weeping! She couldn't control her breathing. It's always a blast seeing a movie when the theater if full! I highly recommend this movie for anyone that owns a dog! Just bring a box of kleenex with you!
Steve spoiled me rotten this year. He upgraded my camera...

I haven't stopped playing with it for 3 days now. I'm actually scared of it's power and how cool it is! I haven't had a brand new camera in years!


Wendy Lee said...

looks like you had a wonderful holiday!!!! Your pictures are wonderful! And I love your gift! Congrats on the new camera!! XOXO

Bieber said...

Florida Beaches!