Monday, June 15, 2009

A Fabulous Weekend

I was busy, busy, busy this weekend! It was a great weekend full of traveling, shopping, family and friends!
Friday night you could find me scrapbooking at The Scrapbook Store with Gail, Cheryl and Beth. Then Saturday Morgie and I took a day trip (even though we only thought we'd be gone for a couple hours) to IKEA! It was super fun and I bought so many fun things for a big surprise I will share with the world soon!

When Sunday rolled around the 80 degree blue skies were calling for a pool day! I didn't go in, but we had the family over to celebrate Anabelle's 10th birthday and also Father's Day. It was a great day for ladder gold, jarts, jumping on the trampoline, grilling out and enjoying some fresh air. Anabelle turned 10 while I was in Brasil, so we took her photos this weekend.

She's so grown up. Sassy & sweet all at the same time!'s what happens when you let your little brother help you blow out your birthday candles! (Look closely or click to see it larger!)

Then there's these 2. Carson just loves "Stevie boy." He talked his ear off and played baseball with him all afternoon!


Beth said...
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Beth said...

Such adorable kids. I'm anxious to hear about IKEA!!! ( I had to delete my last comment because I misspelled one of the words and it was naughty)!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Such cute pics! I can't believe Annabelle is 10 already. Glad you're enjoying your summer!

100% CARIOCA said...

lindos, lindos, muito lindos..(bautiful, bautiful)

missusem said...

Love these pics..! Thanks for sharing..