Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Day in Brazil

So...the weather was crisp but the day was fabulous. We started out with a warm delish Nutella crepe. Then off to the top of the mountain to see the ever so famous Statue of Christ.

The view was unbelievable and the statue was so enormous. It was hard to believe that we were so far above the city. We could see everything from the top of the mountain including the jockey and futbol stadiums, the roads, beaches and islands.

Afterwards we window shopped, enjoyed some more fabulous food for lunch at a local French place.
Tomorrow is our last full day in Brazil. I'm so sad...


Moma'Scrap said...

I see you`re having a great time in Rio !!!
We keep receving messages of your class - the girls really, really, really loved it. They send e-mails, messages in the blog and some of them come in pearson to say how happy they are. They say they had an amazing time.
They are already asking when you 2 are coming back to Porto Alegre ...
Enjoy your last day.
Momma`s girls

Jennifer Katherine said...