Sunday, June 24, 2007

mean mr sunshine

I can't believe it's Sunday evening already. Seems like just when the weather warms up and you get time to relax, it just flies by. This weekend Steve's baseball game was rained out, surprise surprise. Around here we can't catch a break much rainfall! Instead, we caught a movie - "Oceans 13." Overall, the movie was good. I missed Julia Roberts though, she had no appearances this time! On Saturday we attended the pool party. Steve put it well when he said, "This reminds me way too much a five-year olds birthday party." We realized quickly how many young parents and families live among us. Nonetheless, we had a good time. I'm paying for the "good time" today because my shoulders and legs are so sun burn I can barely move! It's been a while since I've bonded with mr sunshine, I got burned!

I miss being at home at dad's pool swimming with my "little people", Anabelle and Madelyn. The sun in Wisconsin is much less damaging! I hear dad has put a fun slide in the pool for the kids to play with. Wonder how it is! Wonder if it holds ma and nicky or if its only for little people. It really is about time that nicky or my parents learn to use a camera and share pictures via email. You know, it is 2007! If I could only see some pix of what they're doing back in the midwest, I'm sure that would make me happy.

Work this week, shouldn't be too crazy, I hope. We finished a big deadline last week, so it's time to breathe again. I hope "ya'll" have a great week. Let's start it off with a bang!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie

Just wanted to say hi and that I miss you. I went down to summerfest last night and it just reminded me of the fun times last year when you and me went down together. I hope the weather gets better soon, especailly for the 4th. I'll talk to you soon.

Love you, Nicky