Sunday, July 1, 2007

Every morning

this little guy jumps out right in front of me as I walk to my car and head to work. He was first discovered as a little tiny baby by Amayah when she was here visiting. As you can imagine, as a 2 year old, she was obsessed with the "bunny, mommy look!" As time passes, he is getting bigger and bigger. He lives in the small bush right in front of our gate. While he startles us on a daily basis, it seems that Steve and I enjoy his entertainment and company. I have yet to name him. Got any ideas?

A little change of subject, I have been scrapbooking so much lately. Seems like whenever I'm bored I pull up a chair. My desk is becoming a disaster. Poor Steve can barely get to the computer to check his email.

I know it's only normal to make a huge mess while scrappin, but I usually try to keep the area clean to avoid having to spend hours reorganizing before company comes in town to visit. But it has gotten a little out of control. This desk seems to be one of my best friends these days. Lame, I know. Since moving to Texas, its taking time to make new friends. At least I have scrapbooking, right? :) Last night I scrapped for a while.....

This one is from dad's 51st birthday last year. and

this one is from last year, the same day but after the Brewers game.

Man, I miss those sausage races. I hope next time I come home I can make it to a Brewer's game. Well, I have to get going...Steve and I are going to the batting cages today! That ought t be real entertaining...considering I STINK at anything that requires a bat and ball being used at the same time. It was actually my idea! I just thought it would be fun and entertaining. Ill try to take some pix, that is, if Steve let's me. HE really has to get over this camera shy thing. I mean, seroiusly!

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Hello my dear ~ ok so I made myself a blog. Now I can post things for you to see and you can leave me comments too. Hope you enjoy