Saturday, July 14, 2007

Taste of Dallas

We've lived here for nearly 6 months and have never ventured to downtown Dallas. I guess it just seems like a really long drive, and we have been preoccupied with other things on the weekends, not to mention Steve works. But today we took the drive (about 40 minutes) downtown for what is known as "The Taste of Dallas."

Several local streets, including market street, in the historic district (Similar to Milwaukee's 3rd Ward area downtown) are closed off and several restaurant vendors and artists set up tents and create a marketplace. Food is sold in small "tasting" amounts ranging from $3-5. We sampled several foods: lasagna from an italian restaurant, steaks from Texas De Brazil, ice cream from Ben and Jerry's and more. It was fun. There were tons of food tents....and of course the first one Steve chooses is.....

yup, that's right gyros! Sick! I'm sure he misses them. Used to get them all the time with his buddies at home late night.

The streets were filled with people. All mostly listening to bands and trying to catch a cool damp breeze from the huge fans blowing water. Lots of kids running around playing games, asking for ice cream. This place reminded me lots of the Wisconsin State Fair. It was really hot outside, but that didn't stop us from checking out the skyline.

We also saw the famous JFK Museum. We went inside only the gift shop to use the ATM. But at least now we know where it is when we want to go and check it out.

The vendors sold everything from cowboy hats, cheap jewelry, tshirts and things like these

which I thought were so cute, and reminded me of nana...cuz she also sews beautiful little children's clothes.

Everyone knows I collect journals! I didn't buy one, but I did look!

After a while we had to take a break

Cuz Steve's foot was killing him. THen we decided it was time to go. But right before we left we saw this little guy:

Click on the photo to the text....
need I say more!??????

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Morgan said...

oh my goodness....that puppy is so cute! I love it! the taste of dallas looks like it would a lot of fun. thanks for being so good @ this. I love checking what you and steve are up to.