Sunday, August 12, 2007

as promised...

Here's some more photos from my trip home, as I promised...

(Cousin Ian)

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(before the wedding)

Big Sis! (One of my bestest friends)

(Aunt Chaya)

(Just the Girls)

(Lovin' my Lynnie)

(more and more...)

(Me and the Smokovich boys...lucky girl!)

(Our first airplane trip together)


Anonymous said...

hey steph. i miss you!! i had fun when you came to visit. we might come and visit you!! i cant wait!
nicky showed me how to use this so ill keep checking it. luv you!!!

Stephanie said...

Josie - so glad you figured out the blog...check it whenever you want. I hope you come visit me soon!

Anonymous said...

hi steph! the pictures are great. josie showed me how to do this. thanks for putting them on your blog. you looked really pretty in the pictures from the wedding. i love your dress. it was great spending so much time with you when you were home. hope everything is going well, and i hope to talk to you soon.
i love you!

Stephanie said...

So glad the family is reading the blog! I'm glad everyone is able to figure it out. It reallly is a great way to keep in touch and see photos! Thanks Josie for showing your mom! Love you guys