Sunday, August 12, 2007


I know I have been home for a week already, forgive me for not updating the blog.

My trip home was amazing. Going home always bring me back to this certain "place" in my heart and mind. It is indescribable. I think the pictures help...because you can see my happiness through my smile. Coming back here to Texas reminds me just how important my family is to me. Being in Texas helps me stay level headed, that's for sure. It is the realization that I have the job I've always dreamed of, but that I don't "have it all," because without my family, I am not complete.

Here are some quick photos from my desktop to share. (I will try to get some more up later, from the weddnig and such.)

Here is my beautiful Lynnie, or Madelyn. Those eyes just melt my soul, aren't they to die for? When I'm home, Lynnie doesn't leave my side. She'e cuddling me, playing with me, holding my hand, or just sitting near me, I LOVE IT!

And here is my Morgie. Sometimes I wonder if people who read my blog think I'm a lesbian or something! No, I am not...Morgie is my best friend. She took off the entire weekend just to hang with me while I was home. We had a couple of sleepovers, went to the state fair, my aunt's house, my grandparents house...just everything together. She is one of those true friends in life, and those are really hard to find. Since I have moved to Texas it has been very hard not having her around to scrap with, shop with, and hang out with. But to be honest, we both have done an incrediblly amazing job at staying great friends, by keeping in touch, sending letters, emails, and packages and more. I'm incredibly grateful for that.

Here are "my little people" and I all together. Anabelle is getting so big. Its hard to believe she is 8 years old. I remember the night she was born, I was waiting at home for the news. She is so beautiful too. Shes going to be a heartbreaker when she gets big. I miss Anabelle just the same, she used to love scrapbooking with me and putting on shows for me too. Anabelle is always so excited t spend every moment with when I'm home and is so incredibly sad when I have to leave. And then there is the cutest little guy in the whole entire world...Carson Christopher. One cannot even explain how many photographs I took of this sweet face while I was home. He is a doll. I love him just as much as the girlies.

Finally, a not so emotional note, here's a pick from the Wisconsin State Fair. We alll went on Friday when I was home. The pictuers are hilarious.....take a close look at Madelyn's (far left) face of terrior and baby Carson's too! How can that not make you laugh!

I will try to post some more pix later of my sisters and I, my nana and nano and the rest of the family, and some pix of me and steve from the wedding too.

Miss you everyone. I'm had a great time while I was home. I cannot wait until next time!


Anonymous said...

hey stephanie

just wanted to say hi and that i miss you. your pictures look really cute, the ones from m.b. are really cool. that took you a while to scrap!! but i hope all is going well with you and steve!! me and angela are still planning to come down there. so i know that i will see you soon.
i love you
keep in touch

Anonymous said...

hey steph.

so i see fromt he pictures that maddie and carson hate the big slide. ha ha. when i went to state fair with then for anabelles dance we went on it twice and maddy was fine. i think because everybody else was doing it so she did.
me and mom are still trying to plan out a wekkend where we can visit you. well yesterday moma nd i went shopping for you. i hope you like the packege. i helped mom pick out the gifts. i love you!