Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cheap Finds

The bedroom walls have been bare since we moved in. It's been pretty hard trying to find the right teal to match the pottery barn comforter we have. This morning I went out to run a few errands....and look what I found!

Super cheap and on sale! They were perfect! Not to mention the teal metal sign reads, "amore" which is Italian! So now we have a little art up on the walls finally! So exciting! Baby steps to making this place more homey. (For me at least! As for Steve he is getting used to pink, pink and more pink!)

So what do you think? You likey?


Kim K said...

Love it, you have such an eye for design it's incredible!

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Morgan said...

Me Likey!!!
Absolutely Fabulous, my darling!

Anonymous said...

Love your LO's stephanie!

Good inspiration for an anniversary lo for Lance & I, but I would do 12, since it was 12 years!! LOL, and I have pics of us together too!

The wall art is wonderful! You need to show a picture with your bed in the view finder too! Then I can get the full feel!!

Miss you much! Thanks for posting your LO's!! XOXO~Wendy