Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Huge Mess

Recently, in an effort to not be so lonely in my scrapbooking room, my supplies have migrated into the Living room which is where I have been scrapbooking for the past several weekends. It is getting out of control. Of course those scrappers out there understand that this is an "organized mess." That's not to say it doesn't look terrible. Notice it is migrating onto the sofa and has already taken over the chaise lounge.

I guess this is what happens when no one comes to visit us for a while...wink wink! tear tear.

Also, I am in dyer need of new albums. This is my stack of layouts waiting to be put into albums. So pathetic I know. But Robin Huber will be rescuing me and saving me with a deliver soon....I HOPE!!!!

Here are my 2 fav layouts from what I've done this weekend. Both are layouts about me and Steve. I had one of my friends, Jennifer Bartel, photograph us last November before we moved to Texas. I was so excited to finally scrap them.
First layout is, "TEN REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU."
I LOVE KI's felt leters! Love them!

And this one is "TEN REASON WHY I LOVE US."

Here here is one more. A peak at Carson's baby book I've been working on for months. I'm trying to not post any layouts cuz then it will be a fun surprise on his Frist birthday for my sister and nieces to see....
But look how stinkin cute he is! What a Stud!

Hope everyone is having a happy Labor Day.
The last episode of the season of Entourage is on sad. Can't wait for it!


Morgan said...

I have to say I love your layouts and I love the fact that you have a "Messy Space" b/c god knows I did when we lived together and I do now...Love you!

Shannon said...

Cute layouts!! Love the pictures of you and Steve together!