Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crazy Week

Just wanted to share some photos of me and the man. These aren't recent, but they are some of my favs.

Hope everyone is having a good week. I seem to be feeling slightly better after that horrible allergic reaction yesterday, but I'm really loopy on so many drugs/medications.

Hope my cousin Peter is recovering from his emergency surgery yesterday. I'm glad everything went alright. I'm thinking about you.

Anybody, got any good recipes to share with me today?? I'd love some new ones....and pictures are always great too!
Ciao for now!


Anonymous said...

hey stpehanie
peter is feeling better. img glad you are too from your reaction! just wanted to say hi! steves car looks nice! my dad is getting a new one finally!!! jsut wanted to say hi and that i miss you so much!
i love you

Stephanie said...

Hi Pina! I miss you lots too! I'm glad to hear Peter is getting better. What kind of car is dad getting? How is school going ?