Saturday, September 22, 2007

Show and Tell

Hello Everyone!
Bear with me today, cuz there is lots to show and tell about.

First off, see Steve's new toy! I like to call her Lexi. :)

Quite the surprise I know! Actually, he's been wanted a car since we've moved but it just hasn't been high on his priority list. He's looking around here and there but nothing, until 2 nights ago. Now that he's so "computer savvy", he found some listings on the internet. He thought about it. I don't really know for how long, but he says he did. He says he just wants a car to call his "own." His brothers and him and shared the last one since he got it in high school. Steve is proud. And so excited. At first, he said he didn't really want to tell everyone so I couldn't post it on the blog. Then I hear him talking to him mom, and then his now it's my turn. So, here it all its details, Steve's first very own car. A Lexus IS 300.
Suede/leather interior:

Air Conditioning that is actually cool and works:

Manual or Auto Stick:

Secondly, because I"m always looking for something to do on the weekends while Steve naps, (I think I"m like my father that way because I"m always making a up a project for myself), today I decided to re-arrange the spare bedroom/my scrap room. Not only re-arrange but also put the finish touches into decorating. I haven't spent much money on decorating for a while. Cuz it gets old really fast. But I was inspried today. First I took the top off of my desk (the shelving unit that attaches) and moved it and all my scrap stuff right in front of the window. Pretty much the only light in this room is the natural I thought this would be great for when I scrap. Here's how the desk looks! I just love it. Nice and clean...which won't last for long....

Also notice Steve and I hung a valance and put up the curtain and pull back accent Morgie and I bought together a long time ago. The curtain needs ironing...but I don't have the patience for that today. But I love it! I wish this was my bedroom!

Then I hung this up finally! It's a portrait I made in printmaking class in college that I just love. I had it framed a long time ago, but hadn't found a good spot for it. Because this room represents my studio/create space, I think it goes perfect.

I was still itching for more. So I decided to make these:

Steve and I went to JoAnns and bought 12x12 corkboards and I picked out 4 different fabrics. I spent the afternoon covering them and embellishing them. I LOVE THEM! And the match the room even better than I had hoped. Definitely worth the work. Steve was chuckling in the background cuz he thinks I'm such a nerd, but I can't help but be proud of this one! I'm going to hang pics and notes on them with tacks.....

I'm not quite sure what will be special enough to put in the center. Maybe a framed 12x12 scrap page....or something circular for for design effect. Anybody have an suggestions?

People will be visiting in the next couple months again and now I feel confident that this room with comfy, cozy and homey. I'm still looking for another bedspread. I'll be patient though.

Thirdly, I hung this in the living room. I finally found the perfect frame for this Italian Travel Collage I made a couple years ago. I think it's beautiful.

And lastly, here is a recent layout. Of Nana, Nano and baby Carson. It's one of my most recent favorites.

Well, if you made it this far. Thanks so much for reading!


Morgan said...

wow you have been busy. I am so excited to see in person all the little touches you and steve have made since we moved you in. How exciting about steve's new car that is so cool. I am absolutly in LOVE with those corkboards you made. they are fabulous!!!

mom said...

Tell Steve we love his new car.It looks really sharp.I always wanted a car like that. Good for him,Im sure he worked hard for it.