Sunday, October 7, 2007

Loungin' Around

(For some reason this photo is defaulting really bad. CLick on it to see the actual color). How annoying!

Thought I'd show these super cool fabric covered letters I bought last weekend from Anthropologie. I love them! They add some character to the living room. Also, in an effort to make the place a little more fall-ish I bought some new flowers for the vases. We don't have many fall/autumn decorations, but I think this will help a little. I really don't want to get into all of that until I have a house some day.

The weekend has been prettty laid back. The weather has definitely affected my attitude this weekend: rainy, cloudy and humid. I scrapped last night until 4 am, and today have bee veggin' on the couch in jammies catching som football games. Only one hour until the Pack plays! I can't wait.....our rivalry the Chicago Bears! Should be a good one. And whats for dinner?

Good ol' sloppy joes. A perfect NFL meal! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie!!

Cute stuff!! I'm at Kurt's house waiting for the Packer game to start!! I miss you and tell Steve i say hi.

Love you

Morgan said...

mmmm....i want some sloppy joes....i love the letters, super cute! thanks for chatting with me you!

Anonymous said...

hey stephanie!
love the letters! our family went to the packergame today! a little rainy but a lot of fun!
i miss you