Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tales of A Texas Adventure (....featuring the Little People!)

On Thursday we went to the batting cages. Anabelle did awesome!! I did NOT-SO awesome!

Then we went to the pumpkin patch to jump in the bouce houses, go through a hay maze, and take some pony rides. Carson LOVED!!!! the ponies!

That night, we carved pumpkins. Anabelle carved her own all by herself this year!!! And madelyn traced her face perfectly onto her pumpkin and cleaned her pumpkin out! Anabelle sifted through all the guts and got all the pumpkin seeds ready for us to bake!! The pumpkins turned out great!!! I love October!!!

This weekend my little peeps and my best friend are's been great!
Then Friday we had some gelato, visited my work so that Morgie and the girls could see my office and the cool warehouse! We walked around the pond at a Plano park and photographed Carson the best we could for his 1 year. This is our favorite photo so far.

Carson has made buddies with Steve. He really like him!

We all went for lunch at Steve and my favorite, The Macaroni Grill. And then drove to the Dallas Children's Theatre to see "The Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing." The show was great!!! Really funny! We came home and hung out for a while before we all passed out!

Today we are headed to the Arboretum! Hopefully we can get some more great photos.
It's been a great weekend! I am soooo happy to have all my peeps here. Wish Nicky could be here with everyone. I miss her.


Anonymous said...

I love Carson's picture.You should go with that one. It is soooo adoroble.Im glad you guys are having soooo much fun.


Anonymous said...

hey stephanie. i wa's sooo mad when i heard that i couldnt go with anabelle and maddy but it looked like you guys had fun! the pictures of carson are soo cute! can he walk yet?

Anonymous said...

hey stephanie

i really miss you too! i really wish i was there with everyone, im bummed out now that i see the pictures. the picture of carson is ADORABLE!! omg, hes the cutest thing!! tell the girls great job with the pumpkins, they look awesome! i love you stephanie, i'm glad your having so much fun!


Anonymous said...

that is the most adorable picture of carson i have ever seen!!! its soo cute. i am so jealous all the pictures that you took looked like you guys were having soo much fun. i wish i was there. the pumpkins look really good. who did which one? i miss you so much!

Morgan said...

I love the pics...thanks again for sharing!

pumpkins...left to right...
anabelle, morgan, madelyn, & stephanie