Saturday, October 20, 2007

Girls Weekend...

So I"m totally excited to have my girls here! Tonight we are getting ready to go here! . It's going to be a blast! Here's Monica getting ready! Love her!

We had a great day today....we downtown to the very famous Sixth Floor Museum dedicated and commemorating the life of the 35th president of these United States....JFK. IT was a VERY powerful afternoon. I learned a lot that I didn't really know before...or at least pay attention to during high school and college history classes. We had a nice and relaxing lunch at La Madeliene's French Bistro and did some window shopping.

Tonight should be a good night.

So happy to have some midwesterners around with normal accents!

Also, congratulations AnnaMarie on your little baby Girl! HOpe MOrgie will show me some photos soon!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

hope you have fun with your friends that come to visit you. i am STILL convincing my mom to let me go with anabelle and maddy. i think it is kinda working. call her sometime this week to convince her. i would love that!