Wednesday, December 19, 2007

8.760 Days Old....

Heres me!
For all of those who haven't seen me in a while.
24 years old.
Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes today.
Thank you also to everyone at work who made my birthday wonderful! It's been a great day.
As I speak my wonderful love, Steven, is cooking me a filet minon dinner with my fav (baked potatos and sour cream), veggies and wine. Not to mention today he made me a cake! My favorite kind too. The kind me and Nicky love that mom used to make for us...white confetti cake with vanilla frosting.
Tonight we are going ice skating outside downtown at victory park.....
I can't wait!
Hopefully I'll share more pictures soon.
Miss you all!
See you soon!


Morgan said...

you look beautiful birthday girl! Happy Birthday again and I hope you have a fabulous evening ice skating!
love morgie

Nicky said...

Happy Birthday again!! I hope you had a great day. I miss you and can't wait for you to come home! See you soon! love you