Saturday, December 22, 2007


From Steve and I.
I totally dropped the ball this year and didn't get our Christmas cards sent out.
Correction: I made and designed our Christmas cards, and made and addressed all the envelopes, but never sent them out.
I know---what a loser!
So if you're missing a little Steven and Stephanie in your holiday card's a little bit of us!
This is the front/back and inside of the Christmas cards that were intended to go out to all my friends and family. Please forward on my love to anyone that may not read my blog that you know would have received a card! :)

We are enjoying our time together this weekend. Soon I will be leaving to visit home.
It is very bitter sweet.
I've grown so close to Steven. I mean, we've ALWAYS been close. But being here in Texas has created a new kind of relationship. We rely on one another, a lot.
It breaks my heart that he will be here alone on Christmas. Who wants to be ALONE on Christmas. It just kills me. So, as much as I am totally thrilled to be going home, and I am trust me, it's hard for me to express that to him at this moment because he does not have the same opportunity.
Today he asked me if I would make him 2 pudding pies so he could have them while I'm gone! Tell me how cute that is! He loves his pudding pie. So, along with that I'm making some of nana's pasta sauce so he should be good for the week with some "real" food.
Today we finished up some last minute Christmas shopping. It was pretty painless actually. I'm still trying to get everything together for my travels.
Wishing everyone happy holidays and a great weekend.
Love you!


Morgan said...

I love your card ~ so fabulous...I wouldnt expect anything less. Can't wait to see you!!! so excited!!! Tell Steve Merry Christmas again! love you and have a safe flight.

Anonymous said...