Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back to Blogging!

Hello all!
How are you?

Gosh I know, I've been away for months! Mostly because lots of changes are happening! I sent out a bunch of emails and have been on the phone a TON lately, so I think everyone who reads my blog knows......

Steve and I have decided to move back home to Milwaukee. For several reasons, but mostly in hopes that Steve can very soon get into Nursing school and finish. It will be great to be back home by all our friends and family. I just can't wait.

So, my last day at work at KI Memories was March 31st. Since April 1st I've been spending lots of time with Steve, trying to get this place organized, etc. In an attempt to enjoy some things in Texas, we have been going places and doing things we've been wanting to do since we've moved but never found the time. Our most recent adventure was to Six Flags over Texas. Enjoy the photos. I didn't take many, just enough to do a layout cuz I've barely taken any photos so far in 2008. My 2008 scrapbooks are going to start in the month of April! Ha! That is so pathetic. Anyways, it was a perfect day on Friday. 72 degrees, no wind, and the longest we waited in line for a coaster was 40 minutes. It was great! For anyone who will travel to the Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, I highly recommend the "Titan" and "Mr. Freeze". Those were our favorite coasters!

Alrighty, well I have no idea if anyone still reads this blog because it has been so long. So, if you do and are going to still, please comment and let me know. That way I will continue to start regularly posting again!

Hope you're weekend was great!

Headed up the giant hill on the "titan."

"Superman the ride". Very similar to the Giant Drop at Chicago's Six Flags. Last much longer though.

Walking in....

Headed out!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your back up with your blog. I really missed it!!

Sarah B.

Anonymous said...

your back blogging! YEAH. six flags looks like fun! cant wait for you to come home!! I miss you!
<3 pina

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

Looks like you had a great day! I will peek in often! XOXO~Wendy

Morgan said...

it is about time....for you to be back on the blog scene. I like all the pictures, it makes me sad that we didn't get to go that time. :(

Elizabeth said...

Just wanted to let you know I read your blog :)