Monday, April 21, 2008


Some layouts I did last weekend. I'm almost caught up! this is so cool! Most of these are from October 2007. Sorry the pictures are blurry, I took them really quick this morning with my small point and shoot camera. Hope their clear enough to be inspired!
Let me know what you think.
***Remember, click on the image if you want to view it larger. :)
The numbers lace paper from KI worked out perfect for Carson's 1 year photos! He's so handsome! I can't wait to see him. It's been almost 6 months. Kids change so much in a matter of 6 months!

In other news, today I started packing. OMG! This place is a disaster. I can't even handle it! Sorry thing is the ratio of my boxes to steve's is like 10:1. I have so much stuff! Thanks Nana for letting me store some things in your basement! I'll really need it!


Anonymous said...

Love them Stephanie!!

Love the way you used the number lace paper!!

I miss seeing your work!You are so talented!!


Morgan said...

i am ready for you to be home and then we can scrapbook. I can't wait!