Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random things

A rather random post for today.
First of all....
I CANNOT WAIT to see this little face in just a couple of weeks.

That's Carson. One of his 1 year photos I took last October. I can't wait to get to know him better. I feel like Anabelle and Madelyn are practically my own children, and then poor Carson barely even recognizes me. I can't wait to spend time with him, and become "Auntie Stephie" to him. The other day when I was chatting with my niece Madelyn on the phone she explained how Carson says his sisters names: "mimi" for Madelyn and "BaBelle" for Anabelle! I just can't wait to hear it. Last time I saw him he was only saying, "mama" and "lila!"

Packing some more today! Our apartment looks like this now!

The walls are starting to look bare. I begun taking down the photos and the shelves.

Last but not least, while packing up my scrapbook albums I've been able to look through some of them that I haven't looked at in a long time. A while ago I started my baby album. Its only 8.5x11 because my mom doesn't have too many photos. Here's one of the opening pages! Look at me, totally bald! How ironic considering now I have more hair than anyone I know!

Well, that's all for now.
Hope everyone out there is doing well. It's warming up here in Texas, which means air conditioning and sore throats!



Morgan said...

It is getting nice here for once...I actually put the air on at the store today because I was so hot, I couldn't take it. I remember when carson would say lila...too funny. I can't wait to hear him talk more. Hope you have a good day. Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

Stopped in at the SB Store tonight and chatted w/ Lee. We are so excited for you to come back. Hope you can find room for all of those boxes!!! Kim K.