Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good morning! know how everyone has his or her own "thing." Something that they are good at, or something their known for or whatever. ie. me and my big ol' hair.

Well I think, no actually I am quite positive that this is his "thing:"

He can sleep for hours, even days if I let him. haha. Serioulsy though! The boy sleeps forever, until noon most days now that he is off. And I have to find something that occupies me until then cuz I hate to wake him up. Knowing that his body is adjusting to not working 3rd shift anymore is understandable too, but not having cable or tv at all is really making him bored! He's like beside himself with nothing to do. He paces around the apartment, plays with a nurf ball we found when we were packing the other day, and fun stuff like that :). He's so excited to get home. He can't wait to play softball with his buddies, see his mom and dad, and play with this little guy (Smokey) .....

We are officially ready to move.

Today I'm getting a hair cut! How exciting is that!? The last time was Christmas. Crazy I know. I just hate going to the salon cuz I'm usually there for hours, and I can't afford to sit at the salon for hours if you know what I mean. So, I'm totally excited about having someone shampoo, cut and do me up! :) Maybe I'll get Steve to take a photo later. It will be nothing drastic, just my reg. 4" cut, but after I saw that lop sided hair photo the other day I realized I ***Had to do something about it!

Have a great day!
2 Days and counting!!!!

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