Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I know I'm home when....

1. I can smell fresh cut grass
2. My sister asks me if she can wear one of my shirts
3. I hear the ice cream truck come around the street
4. I hear the wind chime outside on the deck
5. my mom asks me what time I'm going to be home

So many more things come to mind, these are only a few.
I know I was only gone for about a year and a half, but I haven't literally lived in this house since I was 18 (6 years ago.) I was a teenager then and everything was so dramatic and never good enough. I whined and complained about every little thing. So I thought I would take some time to appreciate this place.

Over the past year and a half Steve and I have realized how cool Milwaukee really is. How cool it is to survive a freezing cold winter with sledding, hot chocolate, forts and snowballs. All those memories we wouldn't have without Milwaukee. We have Summerfest here, the biggest music festival in the world. The Wisconsin Dells, the biggest waterpark in the world. All these things we take forgranted when we "get comfortable." We always think there is something better. And while there definitely might be, it is ***really important to remember our roots, our childhood memories, the people spent those times with.

I'm taking a break from unpacking all these boxes this afternoon....

I'm just about finished. But its a beautiful day, so I have to go enjoy it for at least 10 minutes!

If you've never been to Wisconsin. Here's a little tour of the front and back of a little spot in Southeaster Wisconsin, where I now like to call home.
The front yard. Most of the trees are still bare, but the grass is soft and plush and green! (not so crispy like Texas was!)

Our nice large front yard. Dad does such an awesome job with it!

Except for a few of these.....

I'm not going to lie, I miss them! Haven't seen em' in a while.

Some of the trees are budding. They smell delisch!

Soft, green grass, smells so good too. :)

And the back yard.

This is a little peak into my bedroom. Still getting things cozy, I'll share more soon when it's finished. It's so fun to rearrange and reorganize. I'm getting a little tired, but mostly its exciting to see it all come together again, yet look very different than the last room I lived in.

What do you think?
Nice little tour of "my spot."

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Anonymous said...

Love your post about being home. Love that you know and appreciate your home town!!! And your room is looking good sweetie! I am guessing it is going to be weird not living with Steve!! Can't wait to see you Saturday!!! XOXO~W