Friday, May 9, 2008

Lots o' Nails!

Do you remember a while back that I was really inspired by this image?

Well I wanted to apply the photo/framing collage idea to my new bedroom and scraproom. Here's the bedroom.

Before moving, I had sent a paint swatch to my dad of pink for the bedroom. He's so awesome, he had is painted by the time I got home! I *love it! This is the only wall in the room with anything on it. It makes me really happy. I'm so smiley every-time I look at it!
Small additional details throughout my room from PB Teen.

They add a girlie and vintage touch that I just love!

And then there is the scrapbooking room. It is still a little unorganized, but I'm getting there. I did the same photo collage style in this room.

This wall is filled with art I've made (see the etching on the far left), photography I've taken, scrapbooking layouts and scraft projects. The mood boards I made back in Texas add a great touch for me to pin up inspiration and notes anytime I want. I'm going to paint the 2 clipboards so they stand out and then clip scrapbooking layouts to them. I just have to pick the colors to paint them! I really want them to pop!
Other details around the room I totally love are this clip and Heidi Swapp. stamp packaging.

And these fun storage jars...

And my vase full of ribbon! And in the background the scrapbooking card Steve made me for Valentines Day. So sweet!

Needless to say, I've put at least 50 holes in the walls! But it looks great, and is really inspiring me. At least for now!
Let me know what you think!
Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

Love it Stephanie!! Love your room color, and the wall turned out fab!!! I am glad that you are enjoying being at home, and that you get a studio room to top it off! Heck, why leave again!! LOL You are so very creative and have shown your wonderful talents yet again!! PS, I loved (and forgot to comment) about the dandelions yesterday!!! Annalise collects them for me. And she is always so sad when they die!!


Christina said...

Pink is my favorite color!!! OMGoodness I'm in love with your deco skillz! Ha! Welcome home, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

omg stephanie. i remember when i was carrying up the boxes to help unpack and now everything is up on the walls! look so different! i like it!