Thursday, May 29, 2008

Making time for creativity.
for color.
for inner relaxation.

For me, creativity has soooo many outlets: scrapbooking, drawing, painting, coloring, photographing, designing, wrapping, journaling, really is endless. Using those talents are really important to me. I feel so free when I'm drawing and designing. Creating scrapbooks is soooo relaxing because there are no rules. None. I think that's one reason I *love* it soo much.

I'm simultaneously working on several albums right now. 2 for clients, and then of course my personal albums. Client albums include Disney World vacation and a 50th Wedding Anniversary! It's so fun to work on different themed albums because sometimes I use product that I don't use much, plus I get the opportunity to tell someone else's story. It's so cool! Here are a few peeks at the Disney album I'm working on. (Remember you can click on the image to view it larger).

It a Scrapworks Baybox album. It's versatile when you have lots of memorabilia and not a ton of photographs. You can see the albums here,, or buy one here or here.


Creations 4 QTs said...

You have beautiful things.... i would like to add you to my blog but i am all new at this... Would you mind? Mine is

Anonymous said...

hey steph!
nice pages. i cant wait to see you in the summer! two more days and im dome!!!!! :)