Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Celebrating Anabelle's Birthday

It was her day. She could chose what she wanted to do all day long.
She asked her best friend Gabby to spend the day celebrating with her and sleepover too!

First on the list was to get her very own library card. They spent the afternoon at the library.

Later, I met the family and we captured some 9-year old quick photographs before leaving for La Terraza. I am going to take her official 9-year-old portraits on the beach in on our family vacation later this month. Anabelle wanted to go and paint her own pottery. This place was SOOO cool! The inner art-nerd in me was totally excited when we walked in the door! Anabelle, Madelyn and Gabby convinced me to buy a piece and paint it. I just couldn't resist. I painted a super cute cupcake candy dish. Because I had to paint with special paints, I pick it up on Friday. The special paints allow for food to be put in the piece. So cool! Here we are all diligently working. I so want to go back to this place! There are some *super* cool gift ideas!

Lastly, we went out to dinner at Anabelle's favorite, P.F. Chang's. One word: Yummy. Apetizers, dinner, and dessert! It was great!

I'm glad Anabelle asked me to join them yesterday.

We will celebrate again with the entire family on Saturday! Can't wait!

Meanwhile, just finished my second go at the root canal. Another 3.5 hour stint. Not done yet. God "blessed" me with a large curvature canal! Yay! I'm so blessed. Needless to say, I will be going back to the dentist again soon!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you ladies had a total blast!!! LOVE the cupcake! CUTE! Can't wait to see it finished!

Anabelle totally looks like you! How sweet is that!!

I am so glad you were able to help her celebrate her special day!!


Anonymous said...

ill see you tom at our house to celebrate birthdays. i used to go to la teraza when i was little. ill see you tom!

i love you!