Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dachshund Races @ German Fest

Steve and I took little Smokey down to the festival grounds yesterday.

We wanted Smokey to race in the dog races, but with traffic and parking we were too late for registration. Total bummer.
So we paid our way in, and watched the races!

Every year at German Fest they have "Weiner Races" for the German breed of dogs.
I've NEVER known about it until Steve's mom showed me last years races promoted in the journal for this years events.

Smokey is very much an indoor dog, and totally spoiled. I mean, the little guy gets his own plate at dinner every night and a cupcake on his birthday! *it's insane! So we weren't too sure how he was going to be in a crowd of people.

Turns out....he's a GREAT * DOG. (we knew that deep down inside :)
The races were at 3. THe hottest part of the day!
All the little weiners were sooooo cute!
I want one to call my own, but for now I have Smokey!
He was so exhausted he fell asleep on the way home! So sweet!

Here's the little guy:

And some photos of the races.

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Anonymous said...

aww thats so cute! too bad yougot caught in traffic!