Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's been a great week with lots going on.
Scrapbooking, freelance work, and so much more.

I'll try to post some scrapbooking layouts soon, I have to photograph them!

In the meantime sit back and enjoy some softball!

Look at that adorbale and fierce pitcher! Anabelle has really improved this year. It has become traditions on Wednesday night to watch her and her team fight out other third and fourth graders on the ball field. I love when she throws strikes! This is one sport I was not into as a kid, but am having so much fun watching Anabelle experience it.

And look how handsome the 2 coaches are:

Steve and Chris have teamed up to teach the girls the fundamentals of softball. Anabelle loves having Steve around and so does this little guy....

He just can't wait to be on a team of his own!

And one more random photo I have to share! Look who I met last weekend!
Carson thinks Auntie Stephanie is sooo cool because she met and has a photo with "Mel-mo!"

I'll be back soon!


Morgan said...

Way to go anabelle! I'm sad I had to work on wednesday so I couldn't go to the last game.

Anonymous said...

To funny...I had my picture taken with elmo as well!! Cole thought it was great that Mommy got to meet Elmo!