Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Weekend in the City

The Windy City, that is!
I drove down to Chicago to visit my dear friend, Tami.

We had worked together a while back down in Dallas. Ironically enough, we both moved back home on the same weekend! Since then, we've kept in touch.

Tami is a super talented designer. For the past year she has been concepting a greeting card line to call her own. She established the brand Tam Tam.

Over the weekend, Tami had her launch party at a beautiful stationary shop in Chicago. I traveled down to help her get everthing set up and assist her anyway I can. I'm so happy for her. The show was great! She sold a ton of cards and got a lot of exposure!

Tami-I'm so proud of you my "kitten." You deserve it all!


Mberenis said...

You have a great talent for photography, it is very apparent in this blog. RSS

RitaS said...

Congrats to your friend Tami! How wonderful for her! I can relate to her dream, but it remains just that. (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your girlfriend Stephanie! I hope it is a huge success for her, and look forward to seeing more of her work! Off to check out her site! XOXO~W