Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life Happens.

If that isn't the truth I don't know what is. And when life happens, at least lately, this is what it looks like right now! My bedroom is feeling the brunt of life. While I spend day after day keeping other spaces clean, my poor bedroom has been neglected.

So over the weekend I decided enough is enough. It only took a couple hours and I feel so much better looking and sleeping here.

I've been searching for a long and skinny window basket for a long time now and *finally* found one! I want it to hold all my misc. odd-sized mini albums. (This is an idea I got from Ali Edwards a long time back!)
While I was in the spirit of organizing and cleaning I thought I would finally take my mom up on her offer to decorate her bathroom. Her and my dad recently replaced the old linoleum flooring with beautiful tile.

My mom gave me a budget and I had a ball! (Isn't it always great to spend someone else's money! haha) So I went to my most favorte store, Marshall's/Homegoods. I love the random decor findings and the great prices.
So I got this beautiful mirror for only $30...and the cute frames of course to add some family to the scene.

Also, I *had to add* a wall vinyl! I bought this one at Kohl's. Isn't it the cutest!? And it was so easy to apply.

(PS - I haven't scheduled my Uppercase Living party yet and will be sure to let you know when I do)
Here's a closer look at the wall decor. I fell in love with these butterflies and the different textures too!

Lastly, over the weekend we celebrated a huge birthday! Nana's 75!

Isn't she beautiful? Lots of quality time with family and kiddos catching up, playing capture the flag, and eating ice cream cake!


Beth said...

OK - I just have to say, that bathroom is adorable and I may need to hire you. I also think now you need to spend some time over at Morgan's in her bedroom. Maybe you will inspire her. (Just kidding Morgie, I Love You)!!

Jenna said...

did you find your passport somewhere in there?! haha

Wendy Lee said...

Doesn't it feel good to be all organized again!!! One of my most favorite feelings!! Love what you did with your parents bathroom!!

Sounds like someone needs to find her passport???!!!!


Jenna said...

I found a cute long oval basket at peir 1 yesterday for only 20 bucks or case you need another one!