Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yikes, It's Been A Month!

I apologize for focusing so much of my blogging energy on Bella Bvd's Studio Blog. I need to find a balance, that's for sure. I'm trying......

This weekend Steve's Godchild, Berlyn, turned 3!! She is the cutest, sassiest little thing! All dressed up for the occasion in her daisy dress!

I was ever-so-quickly reminded why Chuck E' Cheese is not my favorite place in the world! The cheesy pizza smell combined with the mixture of body odors and little childrens' sweat hit me as I walked in the door. Suddenly I wasn't so hungry. Not to mention the 5,000 people cramped in the birthday room, all celebrating birthday parties for little ones. Chuck E' Cheese made a 2 minute appearance, literally. Poor Berlyn barely got a photo with him.

I mean, how can one man dressed up in a mouse costume be in the birthday room for only 2 minutes and possibly get to each and every birthday table to see the honored birthday guest?! It sure is crazy the amount of money we pay for our little ones to have a happy, unforgettable day. After rushing through gifts and being kicked out of our table for the next round of birthday party reservations, we moved to a small booth and relaxed while the kids played. The little kids.....
and the big kids....

ha, I love that man! boy...whatever he is! He had a good time in this "fighter" plan shootin' up the bad guys and shooting hoops with Riley and Evan.
Besides the craziness that is Chuck E' Cheese, it was a great way to spend a rainy day. Berlyn actually sat with "Stevie" and I for a quick picture! What a doll!

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