Monday, May 18, 2009

He's A Homeowner!

As of May 8, 2009.
Steve is the proud owner of his very first home. I am so happy for him. We have been working hard getting everything moved in and in order. I'm so glad now he's only a couple miles away from where I live. I can see him in a matter of minutes whenever I'd like.

The closing went smoothly and the house keys are in hand. Steve and his "tenants" are all moved in. I'll share some before and after pictures soon as the after pictures are ready! :)


Tina said...

YAY! Congrats, Steve! What a lovely house *that I can see* that it is. I can't wait to see more pics! Have fun decorating and having him so very close!

jessicaj said...

I remember you telling us about this the last time I was cropping with you. That is so exciting. I cant wait to see more pics!

Wendy Lee said...

Congratulations Steve (and Stephanie) :):) Can't wait to see it with all your touches!! XOXO