Monday, June 1, 2009

More Memories.

You can read about here.
Scary scary photo of me too!

More memorable moments:
1. mini hot dogs on the scrappin'table
3. umbrella men
4. "Let's go Girls"
5. Airport's "Last Call."
6. mini cream puffs
7. chocolate balls
8. steak on stick
9. "No, I do it."
10. "What do you mean you don't celebrate Thanksgiving?
11. A sausage with mozzarella on a french baguette, aka HOT DOG!!!
12. Jenna's hair getting stuck in the blow dryer "Ähhhhhhh!"
13. waterproof mascara
14. meeting Dora's friend Diego
15. walking and shopping the market in Rio

1 comment:

Zelandi said...

Hi Bella
I'm Zelandi from the Porto Alegre group. I love tour class and the work we have done are already posted in my blog. It will be a honor if you enter:
Next week i'll send you the questions to our solidary scrap.
Kisses to Jenna.
"saudades" Zelandi
PS: "Saudade" is a unique word in portuguese that means miss, but stroger, somenthing from the heart!