Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting to know Springfield.

Elsie is a great host! Besides the fact that her place is super inspiring to someone like me, we have also talked for hours about art, our dreams and goals, boys and shopping. She is a great friend. I'm so thankful for her! After staying in touch with long distance friends over an extended period of time, it's quite a cool feeling to know that when we do finally get together it feels like no time has passed.

This week I've been working with Elsie and showing her how to go digital with some of her work. I think I can speak for the both of us when I say it has been a great experience. She's taken me to some great coffee shops with some *awesome* hot chocolate!

Love you Els!
Also, be sure to check the Bella Blvd Blog soon for a fun new announcement!


Bianca said...

cute!!! mmmmm hot chocolate sounds good!! i love that picture too!! elsie gives me sooo much inspo!!!

Morgan said...

cute photo girls ~ hope you had fun together...mmm...I love hot chocolate!

Jenna said...

Seeing Stephanie with a Starbucks cup caught me off guard! But then I saw the hot chocolate part and it alll made sense!