Friday, November 7, 2008

so much cool stuff

in Springfield. Elsie, Rachel and I went to a couple thrift stores last night on the hunt for vintage findings. I have been searching and searching all over for vintage ornate frames, large in scale for a special ongoing project that everyone will see come to fruition after the new year. While I was here I found 3!!!! It's so great!!! And I got them for such awesome deals. I took a photo of them this morning but will have to share the picture later seeing that I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to board. I'm inspired to keep on searching around home for more of them.

This is my other favorite find from Springfield this week:

This old school hat totally reminds me of Nano. He wears them all the time. This super cute plaid one will match so many things! It's my favorite souvenir from this incredibly charming and cozy city of Springfield.

Rachel, it was so great to see you again! I wish we lived closer cuz you are such an awesome girl! And all my love to Elsie for your hospitality and warm pumpkin cider! I've got to start making it at home!

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Morgan said...

so glad to know you are almost home....missed you, but I hope you had fun. (i'm sure you did) Cute hat ~ totally reminds me too of nano